Family Center


The Family Center is where the company’s heart is.

We provide and organise effective and alternative ways of addressing the families’ welfare needs in a rapidly changing environment.  Hence, the seafarers have peace of mind when onboard in the knowledge that their families can turn to us for their news.   A Seafaers’ Wives Association has been established to foster support for one another.

The Family Center also offers services related to benefits and entitlement and administers above family related programs as well as provision for inquiries related to SSS, Pag-Ibibg, Philhealth, AMOSUP and the likes.

Our pledge to provide more opportunities is ongoing.

Teodesia Loida Abainza

Teodesia Loida Abainza

Family Center Supervisor

Phone / Fax : (02)  527.6031


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One thing that sets C.F. Sharp from competition is the family culture that extends to everyone in the organisation.  Openness and making people fell good on the work they do, are the keys to our identity.

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