The C.F. SHARP GROUP was established in 1937 when Don Antonio V. Rocha, President of Manila Shipping Inc., General Agent in the Philippines for States Steamship Corporation and Mr. Chester F. Sharp, Owners Representative of States Steamship, decided to venture out on their own in the shipping industry.

After a secret meeting in Tokyo, Japan with Mr. Masao Doi, President of Daido Lines, which later on became Japan Lines, the Company was formed on November 23, 1937 and immediately began doing business as the newly appointed general agent of Daido lines in the Philippines.

The Company initially concentrated on booking sugar export cargoes for its principal’s vessels and thus the famous and well-known cable address “SUGARCRAFT” was registered.

The outbreak of World War II in 1941 brought to a standstill all the shipping activities of the Company in the Far East. Only the San Francisco office remained open. In 1945, after the end of the war, the Company immediately resumed the operations of its Manila office and opened its branch offices in Japan under a special permit issued by the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Japan, Gen. Douglas MacArthur. This was followed shortly by the opening of additional branch offices in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In the 1960’s, Don Antonio V. Rocha bought out the interests of Mr. Chester F. Sharp and the Company became a 100% Filipino owned corporation. A decade later Don Antonio retired and turned over the day to day management of the Group to his sons.

Today, the C.F. SHARP GROUP has expanded from its original business of Liner and Husbanding Agencies, to being a leader in the fields of Crewing, Travel, Freight Forwarding, Brokerage, Air Cargo, Airline GSA, Land-based Recruiting and Training.—


Dates To Remember!

November 23, 1937

Antonio V. Rocha, President of the Manila Shipping Company and Chester F. Sharp, the General Agent for States Steamship Company in Manila formed a company that started out handling sugar export shipments.


1950’s was the golden age of shipping. CF Sharp expanded its operations and opened offices in San Francisco and Seattle to cater to its liner services.


1952 Sharp Travel Service was established.


1953 CF Sharp Singapore was opened followed by other offices throughout the region.


1963 C.F. Sharp entered this new era when the company first hired and deployed Filipino seafarers to a foreign-flagged vessel


—1984 Received first Award from the newly opened Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Today CF Sharp has been given numerous POEA awards.


—1987 Accredited by the Overseas welfare administration


—1994 First Philippine and Asian-based company to achieve ISO 9000 certification for full ship services.


—2001, further demonstrating our commitment in providing quality service, we were given another certification by DNV for our compliance to the Rules for Crewing Manning Offices (RCMO).


—2010, CF Sharp was again the first in the Philippines and Asia to receive the MLC-2006 Certificate issued by DNV.


—2014 CF Sharp receives the POEA Award of Excellence.


—2015 CF Sharp Cebu was opened.

 Check the Crew in Action!

CF Sharp Crew Management, Inc. is the manning organization of CF Sharp Group of Companies. We have eight different companies under the CFS Group and CF Sharp Crew Management is the biggest of the 8 companies.

CF Sharp Crew Management handles the departure and arrival of more than a thousand seafarers per month. Hundreds are undergoing processing for future assignments to relieve the 8,632 CF Sharp crew onboard vessels worldwide.

We handle the manning requirements of 38 principals and ship owners. Our total manned vessels are 298. Today, C.F. Sharp Crew Management, Inc. is undoubtedly one of the largest and most reputable manning agents in the Philippines!

Why are we the best

We supply just every position there is, onboard ships, both on the marine side and the hotel side. Our Filipino seafarers bring their values with them. Hard work, loyalty, competency, extra mile, in service. The kind of seafarers we send onboard make us outstanding, most recognized, respected name in Filipino manning.

Equal Opportunity

We provide equal opportunity in the development and advancement of our seafarers. We believe that our seafarers are our partners in growth and stability. We not only develop people and skills, more so assist them in establishing successful careers onboard.

Most Recent C.F. Sharp Crew Events

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