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Deck and Engine

Have you ever had experience working in the Deck and Engine areas of the ship? If so, we have a openings you might be interested in.

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Officer's Corner

Here at C.F. Sharp, we value  leadership qualities. If you are an officer, looking to join our C.F. Sharp family, you are very welcome. Experience a one of a kind service.


What We Offer

Here at C.F. Sharp Crew Management Inc., we’re all about matching up the best candidates with the best jobs. Our best practices are as follows:

  • We look forward to the needs of our principals, not just for the next six months but for the next few years.
  • We market both the candidates and the principals. For principals, we think of them as a brand. When it comes to candidates, they are each their own brand as well because each one has unique skills and appeal to our principals.
  • We use different kinds of software solutions that make it easier to cascade important recruitment information.
We guarantee that the development of each of your crew is our utmost concern.  We work closely with each of our principals to make sure we understand the career path for each crew hired.  We are proud of our efforts to sit down with each crew and help them understand how they can reach the rank they desire.   We believe knowledgeable crew are crew that will grow with your company and crew that our growing with your company will remain loyal.
We ensure each of our principals that your manila team will understand your training matrix.   Our company is focused on finding the best fit candidates for your approval so we leave the training to our approved training centres.   Based on your matrix we will provide you with at least three training providers who can satisfy your training needs.   We have experience major success with the model because our principals get the best quality training at the best price.    You can be sure we have pre selected only the best training providers before we present this, for your approval.
Being a pioneer in the manning industry in the Philippines, we have mastered all requirements for deployment.  We take pride in our favourable relationships with all embassies here in the Philippines.  We also educate each crew and make sure they are aware of what is needed before they join a vessel.   You can be sure that each crew joining your vessel will arrive safely, on time and with all the proper documentation.
Our Seafarers In Action
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001-SB-052713-AOE-MLC valid until June 2021.

What documents am I going to bring to be eligible to apply in your office?

Please bring your sea services, seaman’s book (original/photocopy), and copy of all your necessary training certificates.

Does experience matter?

CF Sharp assists an applicant in finding the most suitable position that the applicant will qualify. Applicants must have at least one (1) year of latest and relevant experience in the field that they wish to apply.

What should I wear when applying in your office?

We encourage applicants to wear business attire in applying for any position but you may also wear any shirt with collar. Please avoid wearing t-shirts, sandos, shorts, slippers and earings.

What type of vessels are you supplying senior and junior officers?

We supply officers for Oil/Chem Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Bulk Capesize Vessels, Container Vessels, Passenger/Cruise Vessels and various Offshore Vessels.

What is your required experience?

Required experience differs from one principal to another but our Minimum Hiring Standard is that you should have 12 months of sea experience in rank that you are applying for and in the same vessel that you are trying to apply with.

If I have a family member or family friend that I want to endorse as my referral/bargain, Is it ok with your company?

We allow our Officers to have a referral given that the referral will meet our qualifications and pass our screening process.

What type of vessels are you supplying ratings?

We supply ratings for Oil/Chem Tankers, Crude Oil Tankers, Bulk Capesize Vessels, Container Vessels, Passenger/Cruise Vessels and various Offshore Vessels

What are the qualifications?
You must have at least 12 months experience in rank that you are applying and you must also have experience in the same vessel that you are trying to apply.


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Seafarer’s Testimonials

I’ve been working for CF Sharp for quite a number of years, the staff has always been very supportive, approachable and seafarer friendly.

In crunch time CF Sharp always comes up with an excellent solution, thus making seafarers task a lot more easier during their time on and off.

Jaime Salinas

Chief Engineer, C.F. Sharp Crew

I started my first contract with C.F. Sharp on Aug. 2, 2001 and joined a tanker ship and was promoted to A/B on my second contract then eventually to a P/Man.

Up to this day and the past 14 years working in C.F. Sharp, I am grateful for the opportunity the company has given me despite my lack of experience on my first contract. They gave me a good salary to support my family’s needs. The working environment was great. From the managers to the staff, their dedication to service were unquestionable!

Pabi Arnulfo Bitas

A/B, C.F. Sharp Crew

I went to Manila with the expectations that I will have a hard time applying for a job as a seaman. It turned out that I made the right decision to go to C.F. Sharp. The recruitment itself was very smooth and easy. That was 6 years ago and I keep on renewing my contract with C.F. Sharp as they have treated me very well all through the years.

I do not see myself working for another company.

Wendell Daguno

Wiper, C.F. Sharp Crew